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Our music

Blue Grenade is about songs. Not ambient, not techno, not even pop; much as we love all of these forms and a great many more. Blue Grenade crosses genres, it straddles them, not sitting comfortably in any. It's edgy, visceral, thoughtful, instinctive, intelligent, dumb, provocative… a whole host of dichotomies. What it's not is background music.

In the iTunes canon we reside under Alternative & Punk. This sits us alongside PJ Harvey, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Bjork, Pixies, Radiohead, Beck… and many more great artists and bands. We aspire to live up to and to earn our place in this exalted company.

Many people ask us what we sound like. Many others who have listened to our music, live or recorded, come up with suggestions of potential influences and comparisons but always conclude that we don’t sound like anyone.

This is why we’ve produced Stem - An introduction to Blue Grenade.

Stem is a sample of songs from a vast and varied body of work written over the last couple of years. Seven songs out of the 30+ recorded, out of the 100+ written.

These particular songs have been selected to serve as a cohesive introduction to Blue Grenade.

Blue Grenade is a wide, expansive body of material and Stem is Blue Grenade writ small. It is indicative of what we do, but not all embracing, containing the DNA imprinted in the larger body of work.

The thing is, it doesn’t really matter what we say. Ultimately it should be up to you to decide, so go ahead and take a listen to Stem

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